This website is still in it's infancy. Below is a few of our basic designs. We do have a range of standard shapes for shops to stock, for more info please email Dave.


These boards are specifically designed for the grommet just starting out.

With years of experience in making boards for his children, Macaulay has found the right combination of rocker and outline to not only make a board suitable for the up and coming grom in regards to paddling power, but also a board that is just as maneuverable and high performance orientated as his standard shapes.

Simplicity at it's best for maximum performance and speed. The basic clean outline of a rounded pin has always proved popular with surfers, not only on the pro tour, but your everyday hard core individual including your recreational surfer.
The rounded "Pin" is simplicity at it's best.

The "Square" tail is performance orientated. Allowing you to jam your turns in a tighter arc with an almost pivotal feel, but again using a rocker that oozes drive and speed. This board is fantastic in small to medium size waves and should not be underestimated under any circumstances.

From small wave fun boards, to performance orientated boards Macaulay has the experience to produce a board that will suit your individual needs
And when the going gets tough and you need a board to match the conditions, Macaulays reputation for producing guns for you to tackle the bigger waves of the Indonesian archipelago, the powerful waves of both the North and South West of Australia is second to none.

Rockers as well as outline are an integral part of the performance characteristics of your surf board. Using tried and tested rocker templates Macaulays shapes breath life back into your surfing. From single concaves, flat bottoms, reverse vee and double concaves one needs to understand the distinctiveness of these and by having a shaper who researches what he rides and utilizes it in his shapes, Macaulay knows what works and what doesn't.

Dave Macaulay
Surfer, Shaper, Surfboard maker.