Dave Macaulay began his shaping career working at Murray Smith Surfboards in 1983.

In 1986 he won his first World Championship Tour Event over Mark Ochiluppo in Brazil riding his own equipment that he had created.
In 1989 and 1993 Macaulay finshed 3rd on the World Championship Tour and after 10 years of competing on the pro tour called it quits to focus on his shaping.

Macaulay is in the water regularly trying out new shapes, rockers and different aspects of board designs.

This not only allows him to stay surf fit, but also allows him to refine his shapes. This approach reflects the outcome of Macaulays shapes.

That is, they are loose with drive and speed, high performance, high quality surfboards handcrafted in Margaret River to suit individuals unique requirements

The formula is simple - Maximum Performance equals Maximum Pleasure and Macaulay utilizes this theory in every custom board he manufactures to give you a quality product to suit your individual needs.

"I love creating something with my own hands that all can enjoy. But what is satisfying the most is seeing the smile on crews faces from all ages ripping on one of my shapes. It gives you a kind of warm fuzzy feeling inside" Dave Macaulay.

The simple equation is, you wouldn't go to a Dentist to get a home built!
The same principle goes with surfboard manafacturing.

Dave Macaulay
Surfer, Shaper, Surfboard maker.